Adhesive Mounting Tips

How to mount your picture onto self adhesive foam board.

Adhesive Foam board is a great product for mounting prints and photographs
but it can be tricky when you haven't mounted pictures before.

The self-adhesive mounting board that Foamboards sells is a high tack and aggressive
adhesive foam board. Due care needs to be taken when mounting a photograph to the board.

The mounting of an image is often the procedure that carries the most risk in a print shop
or custom picture framer. Various wet mounting and drymounting methods has been employed by
people wishing to display their pictures.

The Australian Environment of high temperatures and fluctuating humidity can wreak havoc on
mounted images by exposing them to harsh extremes of temperature and humidity.

Give the harsh conditions it is recommended that you use an aggressive adhesive when mounting
replaceable prints and photos. Take agressive to mean an adhesive that forms a fast
permanent bond to the image.

For conservation mounting the advice of trained conservators should be sort.

Video coming soon.