Kanban Boards

Kanban Boards

Visual Project Management Boards or Kanban Boards are light-weight and study boards designed for busy professionals who want an easy solution to visualising projects and workflows.

Ideal for Business Model Canvas and Value Mapping

Portable Visual management boards provide your team with a modern way to display and easily communicate the status of key production metrics.

Unlike a traditional white board the Foamboards Australia Kanban Boards are lightweight, economical and recyclable.

Use them to confidently create visual displays that are well constructed and effortless for your team to use.

These visual management boards can display metrics updated by hand or by applying post-it notes and you can easily use colour coding, such as a traffic light system to enable your team to tell at a glance how things are going,

Improve moral, safety, quality and delivery whilst reducing costs

These boards are an integral part of any modern lean management team.

A useful resource for learning about "how to use kanban boards" is here --> https://zapier.com/learn/project-management/kanban-board

Foamboards Australia Visual Project Management Board is an amazing new Kanban board that helps every manager to share lean ideas and you get the size you want to display the ideas to the team clearly.

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Kanban Boards

Kanban Boards

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