Other Uses

You can use foamcore and foamboards for many different uses

• You can make architectural models.
• You can make fashion templates.
• You can make positive shapes to produce patterns for casting.
• You can layout tile designs before committing to a whole floor or wall.


Favourite Model-Making Books



• You can decorate your house for especial occasions.
• You can make scenery for scale model displays and dioramas.
• It is easy to make a reflector for use in photography
• You can make mood boards for the design industry.
• You can decorate your model railway scenery.
• It is easy to display new products by gluing to foamcore.

• You can make prototypes of small objects.
• You can stretch your needle works and cross stitch by pinning into the core and then lacing the back with thread. (like to learn framing techniques? go here)
• You can design large light-weight posters for the kid’s rooms
• You can make templates for woodwork
• You can make light-weight packaging to post items cheaply

To suggest other uses you have been successful with please contact us as we are always keen to learn of the intriguing ways our clients use our products.

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